Did you know your vehicle was designed and manufactured to meet exacting standards, whatever make or model it is? It was meant to ensure the highest quality road performance, and that’s especially true for your vehicle’s wheels. That’s why your vehicle’s wheel alignment is so important. Normal wear-and-tear will cause any vehicle to perform less than its best. The following is a basic explanation of how a wheel alignment is performed. 

With Machine Precision

It takes sophisticated alignment machinery to make sure your vehicle’s wheels are operating as intended. Normal wear-and-tear on the road will ultimately leave the wheels misaligned. This is not corrected by the technician’s hand and eye, tools must be used to provide accurate measurements. Your vehicle must be put on a lift, and precise measurements may be taken with state-of-the-art technology or traditional tools for measurement. Technicians are making sure that all four of the wheels’ angles are compatible. 

Ensuring Compatible Angles

The wheel angles that must be measured are called camber, caster, toe, and thrust. All of these angles deal with how the wheel is positioned and angled in the wheel well; whether it’s off-balance or crooked, as well as the rear axle’s angle compared to the front axle. When all of these angles are measured correctly, and they are compatible, your vehicle can reach its optimal performance. Leaving the wheels misaligned will ultimately cause problems in other areas like the tires. 

Accurate Wheel Alignments 

Just by putting your vehicle on a lift, experienced technicians can tell just how much a wheel is off from its intended position. Sophisticated devices and equipment clamped onto each wheel can provide accurate measurements. The team at Sunshine Auto Center in Pompano, FL knows how to keep your vehicle driving straight. We also know how to check and correct any problems with your vehicle’s wheel alignment by using advanced technologies and training. 

Your Wheel Alignment Specialists

Excellent wheel alignment service is one of our specialties. Misaligned wheels create a hazardous driving condition for you and your fellow passengers, not to mention other motorists. When you fail to correct your vehicle’s misaligned wheels, you are subject to poor driving performance and extensive repair needs. It’s well worth it to check for key signs of misaligned wheels, which are unintentional drifting and uneven tire tread.