Precision Wheel Alignments in Pompano Beach, FL


Wheel alignment is one of the full service repairs we provide at Sunshine Auto Center. Not sure if you need your wheels aligned? The average driver needs to have their alignment adjusted every 10,000 miles. However, driving over pot holes, bumpy roads, driving over the curb, or even a minor collision can throw of your alignment. Without alignment you can’t steer your vehicles with the accuracy you require. Our team of ASE Master Certified technicians can inspect your alignment the next time you are in for service or repair, or anytime your steering feels off. Walk-ins are always welcome!

Signs Your Alignment Is Off

Your alignment components keep your vehicles balanced and your suspension aligned. It ensures that your vehicles go in the direction you steer—with ease. Sometimes misalignment occurs gradually sometimes after a minor collision or after driving on a jarring or uneven roadway. If your alignment is off, or your vehicle needs some type of repair if:

  • Your tire tread is wearing unevenly on one tire or on one side of your vehicle. This can be a bit tricky to identify if your tires were not all purchased at the same time. Be sure to check both the inner and outer tread. If alignment is not the cause of your uneven wear something needs repair.

  • If your steering drastically changes after driving on a jarring surface, if your steering wheel is no longer centered when driving forward, or if it takes more time or energy to steer your vehicle when turning to either the left or the right. Sometimes this occurs gradually so pay close attention.

  • A dip in fuel efficiency means that one of your operating systems or essential parts is not operating at peak performance. This could be anything from a dirty air filter to misaligned wheels.

  • If you recently had a tire service or alignment elsewhere and now your vehicle isn’t driving correctly, stop by and we will inspect your vehicle. We will check to see if there was an error in alignment, tire installation, tire balancing, or in installing any of your suspension components.

Misaligned Wheels Prematurely Wear Your Tires

The longer or more sever your misaligned wheels the faster it will wear your tires. At the very least you will need to rotate your tires. If you need a new tire or two, we have you covered! We are a true one stop shop who sells all-season and performance tires for all of your automotive needs. No matter what service you required, walk-ins are always welcome. Wait in our newly remodeled lobby where we have cookies, coffee, water and free Wi-Fi— or call ahead to schedule afterhours drop-off, pick-up, or to use our free shuttle.