Performance & Handling Issues

Do you know how to tell when your car has a problem? Sunshine Auto Center in Pompano Beach, Florida wants our customers to have the information they need to make the right decisions for their vehicles. Performance and handling issues could mean that your car is struggling with poor alignment. If you notice these behaviors, schedule service with us!


Does it feel like your car is constantly trying to drift in one direction? If you feel like you are fighting the steering wheel to keep the car straight, it could be because of bad alignment.

Having a hard time gauging if your car is pulling? Find an empty parking lot and test to find out. Let off the brake slowly and don’t hold onto the steering wheel. See if the car drifts to either the left or right. If so, you’re likely dealing with pulling, but make sure to inspect the tire PSI as well, as an underinflated tire can also be the cause of your vehicle pulling.

Uneven Tire Wear

A car that’s suffering from poor wheel alignment will show it in the tires. When the wheels are properly configured, all four of the tires wear evenly across the tread. If you notice that one tire is more worn than the others or that one tire is unevenly worn across the tread area, you might be dealing with alignment issues.

Use the penny test to determine if your vehicle’s tire tread is too low for safe operation!

Poor Efficiency

Have you been spending more at the pump? More frequent fill-ups mean that your car isn’t getting its highest fuel efficiency. A possible cause could be the engine overworking to move the misaligned wheels. With fuel efficiency issues, it’s best to see a professional for full diagnostics and inspection.

Crooked Steering Wheel

The next time you are driving straight, take a moment to inspect the steering wheel. Is it perfectly centered? A steering wheel that looks crooked when you are driving straight indicates a problem with the alignment.

Does your car meet one of these qualifications? If so, that’s enough cause for you to visit Sunshine Auto Center in Pompano Beach, Florida for wheel alignment service. Our technicians will correct the issue so that your car can continue to achieve its best!